openscad 2023


Of the openscad download treading in 3D modeling an entirely different route than most other members of the genre. Who created with the free CAD program and own new three-dimensional body, this is not done on a graphical manner, but by self-written script.

Openscad download for clever 3D designers

This approach may seem to users of similar tools such as Blender or AutoCAD little comfortable but holds according to the manufacturer some advantages. Since openscad focusses on the technical-producing area, the user gets through the script-based approach more control over his work. In addition, it sets changes to more easily available, such as by adjustments to parameters. Who does not have to completely redesign the 3D wheel, but three-dimensional renderings of 2D templates generated imports the CAD standard DXF. Among the output formats can be found in openscad also DXF, STL to, among other things, which can serve as a template for 3D printers and PNG images.

For ordinary users openscad is certainly not to be recommended. 3D designers with claim could here but have found a useful tool, especially as some examples and detailed documentation on the manufacturer’s website to help get started.

openscad download