Torch Browser is based on the source code of Chromium and offers in addition to the conventional browser features some more interesting tools and features. With the integrated Media Grabber user movies, pictures or audio streams will download from the websites visited.

Torch Browser Download offers sophisticated browser extensions

The Torch browser has a torrent Button on board. Torrent content through these can be saved directly through the browser on their hard drive. The web browser also offers the opportunity to share your own media content with friends and colleagues. The web browser also includes with Torch Music, a streaming platform that accesses YouTube and plays its own favorite music while surfing the Internet. The built-in Torch Browser Download Accelerator promises faster download times.

Torch Browser Download

The Torch Browser also contains some useful security features that ensure the safest possible surfing and also promise protection in other media activities. Numerous other web browser contains our software catalog for free download. Torch Browser scores with additional functionality and a chic look. With its carefully designed extensions especially music and movie fans get their money. Who communicates a lot about social networks, should look at the Web browser as well.