Fire Department administration

This version of the fire database was created at the request of a fire in the vicinity of the developers. This version is now also other fire departments are offered, with the aim to turn it into a perfect fire department administration. In future releases, including a cash book, stock management, a mail merge function and various useful features will be installed. It is therefore important for authors to get suggestions on what imagines your Fire Department with a good fire department administration. This should be built into the database and made available as an update. It has deliberately avoided the usual Windows pop down menus, since these menus are found confusing and difficult, first for PC beginners part and secondly all users are exposed to the risk that data will not be stored or deleted in a rash or hasty click because not all users have good computer skills. For this reason, the database has been kept as simple as possible so that even inexperienced people can use. Perhaps, navigating back and forth through this database a little more complicated than using the pop down menus, but just at this point (to navigate back and forth through the database), the developers are open to suggestions like to achieve a better navigation.