CoolNovo (Chrome Plus)

The free browser CoolNovo (formerly ChromePlus) offers the known advantages of Google Chrome, such as high speed and crash safety. He also brings a number of convenient features that speed up browsing easier and more comfortable. So, for example, tabs can simply connect with a double and links by a "Super Drag" mentioned functional drag & Open drop in new tabs. In addition, CoolNovo can easily control with mouse gestures. So you open as a new tab by drawing a circle with the mouse or surfs on the home page by holding down the right mouse button and a mouse your way down. In addition, download managers in CoolNovo integrate, and display problems are circumvented in the case of a case by the IE rendering mode. If you like the Google Chrome browser, will have his joy at the additional features of CoolNovo that simply make the Web page riding a little easier.