He is still one of the most popular browsers in Germany. now learn how to update Internet Explorer can! In addition to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer is one of Microsoft's most popular Internet browsers. According to the web analytics tool StatCounter he ranked No. 2 in worldwide use. In Germany and Europe, it is the third most used browser. Here you can download the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer for free. "! Microsoft Plus" have appeared, including security and stability updates numerous other versions since the release of the first version in August 1995 as part of the chargeable Windows extension package. The latest version of Internet Explorer 11, was released on October 17, 2013. No matter which version you use: Off For the sake of security and stability, it is necessary that the browser is always up to dateis maintained. The following procedure is therefore explains how to update Internet Explorer.

update Internet Explorer - automated or manual?

Basically, the user has two options for updating are available: Manual or automated. But before you sit at the update, it is first helpful To check the version number. If it turns out this is that you use an outdated version, it may be advisable that uninstall old version and install the latest version, so Internet Explorer 11,. The current version not only offers improved support for web standards and use of the system-wide VOIP client Skype but also a read mode for websites that displays the plain text content simply formatted. In addition, the "share" includes feature in Internet Explorer 11, the making of screenshots that can be sent by mail or Twitter. With a few clicks, you can check which version of Internet Explorer is installed. Simply click and click the last point "Info" from the drop-down menu, click the gear icon at the top right of the browser frame. After that, a new window opens with the version number. update Internet Explorer Even if you use the latest version number, you should still update Internet Explorer. If the check mark at "New versions automatically install" is not set, or IE performs various other reasons, no more updates itself off, you have to refresh the browser manually. And this is how it works:

manually update Internet Explorer in Windows 7

  1. 1&# 46; stepFirst, you click on the Windows Start icon to select the new dialog box "Control Panel".
  2. 2&# 46; step: In the new window you select the "System and Security".
  3. 3&# 46; step: You click the menu item "Windows Updates" to "Check for updates"
  4. 4&# 46; step: From the found documents to Internet Explorer selects.
  5. 5&# 46; step: Install updates.