With the maxdome Windows 10 App can combine the extensive program of the streaming service with the advantages of the current Windows operating system users. In addition, all titles can be downloaded and viewed without an existing Internet connection.

maxdome Windows 10 AppWhile extending thanks to the max cathedrals Windows 10 App many series stream; but more impressive is the range of feature films.

maxdome Windows 10 app for all devices

The max cathedrals Windows 10 App offers on all devices a uniform user interface and seamless switching between PC, laptop or tablet. This makes the straming of over 50,000 titles that has the service in the portfolio, more comfortable. The application scores especially by clarity and a well-functioning suggestion system that is based on the personal taste of the user. In addition, you can search via the free text field for movies, series and even directors and actors - anytime the perfect program selection! even lack the time or the desire to look at the strip found directly, it can be stored and re-find problems with a click on the notepad.

Download and offline mode

A special highlight of the application is the offline mode, with the all the tracks on that device can be stored and subsequently are available for thirty days. This allows users not only protect your booked volume of data, but can bridge with high-quality productions and even the most common dead spot. Because maxdome offers both national and international series highlights and Blockbuster. Many titles available, there is also in the original version and in razor-sharp HD quality

use max cathedrals with Cortana

Thanks to the max cathedrals Windows 10 App all the benefits of the current operating system can use - as well as its voice assistant Cortana. Thanks to the charming wizard to max cathedrals can also be controlled and all without having to launch the app separately. Thus, for example, the command: Seeking to max cathedrals to Breaking Bad enter and already Cortana starts streaming app and the desired success series.

maxdome Windows 10 App CortanaThe max cathedrals Windows 10 App can also be controlled via Cortana.

All Vorteiel for 7.99 euros a month

To use the app in full, the filmophile user requires a subscription with max cathedrals. The cost is doing to 7.99 euros a month, and after the first registration a free trial period is offered to a month. Following any number of people can enjoy on any number of devices, the selection of titles.