With StarMoney Home bankers manage their accounts and financial transactions securely and easily. The shareware takes care of checking accounts as well as securities or funds and presents itself ready for the change has already been made of electronic payments to SEPA.

StarMoney Download also supports PayPal accounts

The Participate banking software StarMoney managed alongside checking accounts, stock portfolios and funds and accounts with providers such as eBay, PayPal or payback. Transfers, standing orders and other transactions the user is offline, and then transmits the data in one go. The shareware knows no restrictions on the number to be managed accounts.

The financial program not only takes over the unwinding of financial transactions, but gives users also modules for monitoring revenue and expenditure at hand. With different categories and graphical analysis represents StarMoney how much money was spent for what. StarMoney supports more than 4,000 banks worldwide including its security procedures, ensuring data security. The often tedious and time-consuming log on to the websites of the banks is completely eliminated with the shareware. Numerous other financial tools for free download are included in our extensive software catalog.

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