Instagram Live send videos and even delete photos

Update of 21 March 2017: has almost exactly four months ago Instagram Live videos and even delete photos presented. Now a new feature has been added: The live video can now be namely also store. At least version 12.10 User must have installed to your device. This one has apparently responded to a huge demand for such a memory function. Sticking can be live video immediately by pressing after playing the top right a little Save icon. However, the function affects only own live video. still the other users can not be saved. So no one your live stream can hold forever.

Original dated 24 November 2016: New features for Instagram for Android! Belonging to Facebook Images Network has received an update that brings it to the competitor Snapchat again a little closer: Users can now live use videos and even delete images on Instagram Direct Instagram - the former in Instagram stories and the latter more for groups and friends.

Instagram Live videos and even delete photos

Instagram Live videos and even delete images - new features such as Snapchat

"This is similar to Snapchat but strong again," certainly thought already so some users who have discovered the new features in Instagram. Which now belongs to Facebook social media network focused on images has in fact even upgraded to provide the competitors Paroli. But that's actually not so bad - Instagram users ultimately benefit.

Since August 2016, there is already the Instagram Stories that enable everyday moments shared that do not appear on the profile - and this function was hugely popular. Now it all works well live yet. With live video on Instagram Stories current moments can be transmitted - and after completing the transfer they disappear again. That will be possible after the updates "Instagram Live videos and even delete photos" So if you have not seen such a video, it will never see again. go live is actually pretty simple:

Send videos and even delete images Live video Instagram Live

  1. Opens Instagram and wipes to the camera function.
  2. Pushes the "Start Live Video" button and you're live on air - up to an hour long.
  3. Will you StickWindow comment to the live video, which is easily possible via the comments.

So your friends also realize that your is transmitting live, they get a notification. In addition, you can see in the feed, who is currently live: under the profile photo of a friend, in this case "Live" appears. Also released live stories from other users can see. Simply tap "Best Live". By swiping left and right to turn on by the streams.

Who a live stream from a friend or another user look at, can incidentally also leave comments.

Instagram Live videos and even delete images even delete content

Let your images disappear

In addition comes to Instagram live video with self-extinguishing pictures via Instagram Direct finally the service to Instagram, has started with the Snapchat at the time: The self-extinguishing pictures - and videos. So you can now send photos and videos to groups and friends who disappear after a predetermined time. Once this process can be repeated by the receiver after that sense. The sender receives in this case - and if the recipient is a screenshot - a notification.

The sending of such photos is a breeze:

  1. Wipes to the camera and take a photo or video.
  2. then tap on the arrow to send it privately - either to a group or to a friend. It can create a new group in the same train.

Instagram Live send videos and even delete images photos

Vanishing pictures and videos can be sent only to followers by the way - not to other users.To open the Inbox, if you even get a self-extinguishing message, you need only tap the right or swipe left on the paper airplane above. Which deleted images are located directly above. Messages from friends are outlined in blue. Responses can be sent by being typed on the profile picture of your friend or a group member.

Updates come gradually

The update for Instagram live videos and even delete photos on Instagram Direct is the way rolled out over the coming weeks. It should therefore come only gradually to all users. So do not despair if it is not yet available. The self-extinguishing photos could be rolled out a little earlier.