WhatsApp Christmas greetings: Funny Sayings & Videos

WhatsApp Christmas greetings: Funny Sayings & Videos

Contemplative words, witty sayings or cute videos – over WhatsApp Christmas Greetings Email make many very happy – and you can now incredibly creative romp. We have put together some nice ideas, which are excellent for Christmas greetings via WhatsApp for Android or WhatsApp for iPhone.

The Christmas card by mail has become obsolete for many now. Much too large and omnipresent digital deals today are – and the greeting via smartphone or PC via written faster and more cost-effective. One can easily reach more people. Since it with WhatsApp Christmas greetings not only in the form of text messages, but also cheerful videos or images and now can even send GIF files, the Messenger also provides for very individual WhatsApp Christmas greetings. As easily and free of charge, the ideas can be but also send via E-mail, Facebook or other messenger.

WhatsApp Christmas GreetingsI wish me a gift … (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Deft word WhatsApp Christmas greetings in text form

The classic text message is what a well think of first when keyword WhatsApp. As WhatsApp Christmas greetings here especially short, casual poems or funny Christmas sayings that sure to put a smile on your face are. but not everyone is a little Shakespeare and can thus shaking times from the sleeve of the appropriate spell simple. Therefore, we have compiled a few ideas:

  • In pine fragrance and candlelight, everything should be peaceful and happy. I wish you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!
  • The tree burned, forget gift that is full already eaten. And then NEN on the table just stupid gifts, na beautiful Christmas Eve!
  • Brightly illuminate all the candles, my Christmas greeting comes from heart. Merry Christmas, I wish you.
  • At Christmas bake biscuits out of luck, then go your way and give each a piece.
  • I wish you a Merry Christmas and that the Christ child can wait no. Merry christmas and a happy new year!
  • A map is not reached, this is very painful. My Christmas greeting is short and sincere.
  • Warm greetings to the Christmas holidays – and please do not corrupt you the stomach!
  • Fir trees, tinsel, balls and lights, Bratapfelduft and happy faces, joy of giving, the heart is far. I wish you a merry Christmas!
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WhatsApp Christmas greetings Christmas BearThe Christmas Bear knows. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

  • Christmas is a beautiful time – contemplation and relaxation far and wide. Not the gifts make the festival – the love and warmth are the Allerbest’.
  • A comfortable home, a glass of wine, a delicious roast by candlelight. Abound satisfaction and a merry Christmas.
  • Whether it storms outside, whether it’s snowing outside – which is not to sadden me. but the beautiful Christmas time, we all love. Merry Christmas!
  • Rudolph has ne red nose, he pushes the mulled wine on the bladder beduselt flying from house to house and aligns my greetings.
  • The Christmas table is desolate and empty, the children look stupid therefore. Then the father leaves a crash, the children start laughing. So you can make the children happy with little things.
  • Christ Child, Christ Child, good guest, you brought me something? Do you have something, then sit you down. Did you not, go back the same!
  • Time for love and feeling today there remains only cool outside. Candle and apple scent, yes, it is Christmas in the air.
  • I’ve been thinking, at Christmas only thinking of you. Oh, how about fine, we could be together at Christmas!
  • Green wreath with red candles, lights shine in all hearts. Now Eve not far off, oh, I got you still like!

WhatsApp Christmas Greetings SnowmanHappiness is just the highest of all. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

  • During the Christmas season, there’s much to do, so I let WhatsApp and rest times. But if it is reflective for me, you sure again hear from me!
  • Christmas is upon us, a nice greeting I send you! Let you go well every day, but do not have the stomach laste!
  • This is a Mistletoe message! Look up and kiss your mobile!
  • Have Christmas yet what to do? I’m looking for yet a donkey for the Christmas crib. Best wishes to the party!
  • Do not be surprised if you wake up one night in a dark bag. Then Santa has finally gotten my wish list!
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Moving Christmas greetings: WhatsApp as hard Cinema

Besides normal sayings or great pictures and videos can be sent as WhatsApp Christmas greetings. And there are a lot! Just looking through the YouTube app or another video portal – you will quickly find it and really find everything you could wish for Christmas filled heart. A few we picked out: Partly funny and cheeky, but partly also suitable for children:

Angry Birds Kids singing
Yeah, a force to motivate children to sing together is not easy … but incredibly sweet!

Green Day reindeer
Reindeer (and Santa) can be incredibly musically – and set “Basket Case” by Green Day in their own Christmas version to. Terrific!

Just follow your noseā€¦
Disney fans and friends of the characters from the Ice Queen will love this video in which Olaf the snowman loses his nose and Sven the reindeer is quite keen.

Reindeer with obesity
Santa Claus had his reindeer perhaps again should send to the sport before the party … or at least change the feed. So that is nothing with the punctual delivery of gifts.

The staff meeting
That Ralph Ruthe draws great cartoons, is now well known. He has since created some videos. Here, Santa Claus asks his only employee Rudolph to talk – and has a very different idea …

And again Ruthe – this time with Santa and Rudolph and an address to the audience. It’s about gifts – and this is very important.
Incidentally, a funfact: The song has rapping rod itself.

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Santa Claws
Simon’s Cat has once again his own ideas about the Christmas tree …
A perfect video for cat lovers.

Send Elf Yourself video via WhatsApp

A little more personal it is, if you just created even a video to send WhatsApp Christmas greetings – and that’s not even hard! known for some time is the iconic Christmas tool “Elf Yourself”, in which his friends or family may themselves and turn into Santa’s elves, who are very musical way. Meanwhile, there is even an Elf Yourself app for smartphones. A little taste give a few characters from Harry Potter: