Early 2015 Snapchat has its best features by Friends Snapchat Emojis replaced. Now even dynamic Sticker Gibt's. What do the little pictures in detail, you can read here!

UPDATE: 4/28/2016

Snapchat has new features. With the current Snapchat app Download the video app now comes with 3D stickers to your smartphone. That is, you know an object in a video with a sticker, it moves with the object with - out anywhere. you miss, for example, his dog sunglasses, it remains on his nose, even when he hops through the video. Mistakenly be called this dynamic stickers as emoji - but they have nothing in common with the emoji that as arise when shipping.

Snapchat Emojis - anything but ordinary

This is also true for the app itself. Snapchat has developed in recent months, especially in the past year as one of the most popular messengers. In the US, Snapchat's long been well-known and popular - especially celebrities use the client as a new channel.The special highlight: Snapchat are short clips shot that after they were seen destruct. In this country, Snapchat has a little more starting hand, but now he seems to get going again. Overall, more than six billion videos are shared on the application day - worldwide. Who just trying to get acquainted with the app is a little overwhelmed to it first with the functions and especially the new emoji. We help so that everyone can participate in the "Happy Snapping".

Snapchat Emojislearn here what each Snapchat emoji. (Picture: Snapchat Inc./Redaktion)

Confusion: Emojis recall other Messenger

That the emoji are not necessarily comparable with Snapchat with other messengers to their significance, is probably connected with the different core function. While with WhatsApp, threema, Line and Co. to send messages was in the foreground and still stands despite new features such as telephony -is it at Snapchat sending media. Here users send only videos and photos. Nevertheless, the Media Messenger has introduced April 2015 Snapchat emoji. They remind immediately to WhatsApp - have nothing to do with each other. So the user can not actively involve and send the smileys, they just automatically appear next to the names of friends. They were introduced as a replacement for the Best-Friends feature - where you could keep track of who interacts how much to whom. But what do the different little picture now specifically?

The meanings of the Emojis of Snapchat

The Messenger has eight Snapchat emoji, which are also called Friend emoji. Here are their meanings:

Snapchat Emojis golden heart The Goldene Herz:

It appears in the person who is the best friend in principle. This person is exchanges the most snaps. Thus, this person sees each snapshot of one's life, especially the not-glamorous way.

Snapchat Emojis pink heart Pink heart:

To view the "Best Friend" in the last two months.

Snapchat Emojis red heart Red Heart:

The heart also is the "Best Friend" on. The period when red heart is two weeks.

Snapchat Emojis teeth show Teeth revealing Emoji:

This grimace appears when one is also the best friend of one's "Best Friend" itself.

Snapchat Emojis smile Smiling Emoji:

The person is among the best friends, but is not number one.

Snapchat Emojis sunglasses Emoji with sunglasses:

With that person many snaps are shared. In addition, this person also is one of the close friends with a mutual friend.

grin Snapchat Emojis Smug grinning Emoji:

The Emoji describes a rather one-sided relationship. The person sending many photos and videos, it comes back from one but even little.

Snapchat Emojis fire Fire:

Here flares up a relationship. The user sends this person for some time many snaps. Snapchat indicates how long the flame already blazing. Does the exchange after it goes out again.

New emoji: Baby and stars

Recently, another Snapchat emoji have been sighted in the app. We do not want to embezzle also their meaning here:

star Snapchat Emojis Golden Star:

The star appears when that person plays a Snapchat again. Since then Snapchat has introduced the feature that allows videos are retained for 24 hours, this is possible.

Snapchat Emojis baby Infant:

The little brat appear with new friends.