Of the ChordPulse download automatically provides accompaniment tracks for more than 40 styles of music. Whether one shareware actually used as an accompaniment or simply as inspiration for a creative by the trailer, it does not matter.

ChordPulse download as a virtual backing band

The use of ChordPulse is simple. Optionally, one-maintain the basic notes of a signature beverage or just choose a few chords for the automatic accompaniment. change the style of accompaniment composers during playback just with a click. The proportion of drums, bass and chords is adjusted each with its own controller, as well as the pace. The clear and modern user interface makes it even laymen could not be easier:

Large buttons and a clear structure guarantees an intuitive operation here. Whether as a motivator, when things are not going to plan or by tape from the can for Soloists - ChordPulse is simple to use and suitable for classical music styles.

ChordPulse download

Limitations of ChordPulse

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