Napster announce Thus shall it be rid of the subscription!

Who after the sample-month subscription to be announce Napster want, no problem. going to do with the streaming service circuit before it is expensive! Here learn how!

Napster is one of the oldest and most popular music streaming services. Who created an account with Napster and choose a subscription can also download the corresponding Napster app and use the offer of music on the move. However, there is in the highly competitive market also cheaper versions with no less offer. Those who want to change jobs, learn here how to do it.

announce Napster

Subscription to Napster announce: Different paths

Napster currently only provides a trial period of 30 days to get a taste in the streaming service. Then it automatically a paid subscription - unless the user announces the flat rate active. Napster provides its users two rates to choose from: the Napster for 7.95 euros and the Napster + Mobile, which costs EUR 9.95 per month.

If this is too expensive in the long run, his subscription should terminate at Napster. The termination itself can be done informally, like Napster holds in its Terms and Conditions. In addition, a monthly termination possible. Thus, the user either by e-mail, call or via account management may make its termination.

Termination via phone or e-mail

One way to unsubscribe is to contact directly with the customer service of Napster in conjunction. The hotline is available at the following number +49 (0) 69 365 065 474 from Monday to Friday 12:00 to 20:00.

For cancellation via e-mail if necessary, the following sample text can be used:

Napster announce Mustertext

Termination from Napster account

In addition to the aforementioned options, one can terminate one's own account with Napster his account online.

  • First, the user logs in to this site with its bank data.

Napster announce Account Management

  • the settings of the account to be opened via the gear in the upper right corner. The menu is now facing several options. Here select the point account overview.
  • The range of account summary is divided into different areas. Below the section for coupon codes, is the sought area, which is designated as a terminate Musikflatrate.
  • Select this button and it will open a new page. There, the process by clicking the button I want to confirm notice. The termination of the Napster subscription is completed it.* The user now even receive a Dismissal confirmation via E-mail.

Rights after termination Napster

Who has completed its flat rate, can all the songs that he has acquired over Napster, continue to listen. In addition, can be played for 30 seconds, all songs that are offered through the service. Furthermore, does not erase all playlists and archives as well as other settings so that they are available when you return to Napster again.