With the GaebGetter download can GAEB files, so standardized electronic bid files from the building industry and crafts, simple and easy to read and electronic bidding, (D84) file to be created.

GaebGetter download for listing files from the construction industry and crafts

Positions can be exported to Excel or be imported back in the Professional version. So Prices for a tender can be calculated as usual in Excel and then used for the preparation of the tender. In addition, the GAEB file can be printed out in the form of supply or exported to Word to make company-specific changes still (e.g., company logo).

Scope: Importing GAEB Files (GAEB90 + GAEB2000 + GAEBXML) in the following data exchange phases: D81-service specifications, D82-estimate, D83-RFP, D84-tender, D85-side offering, D86 ordering -Write of electronic bidding, (D84) in GAEB90 and GAEB2000 format, automatic calculation of prices with total price, discount, flat rate, final price, clear presentation of the article tree, export of the specifications (LV) to Excel (via CSV interface), expression of the specifications including the GAEB header data export of GAEB file into an RTF text document that can be edited directly with Word, export of the specifications in various databases, re-import the prices of Excel (CSV file) back into the LV.

GaebGetter download

Limitations of GaebGetter

As a test version of an export of 50 positions is possible maximum.