Write Self-extinguishing News

"This message destroys itself automatically in a few seconds" - which sounds like pure James Bond, is a reality thanks to the internet and original web services. Want to send your friend a self-destructing message?

Self-extinguishing news is that never comes again

We are there thanks to Facebook & Co. used to be stored long through the Internet Messages sent an eternity. Some things are but just as quickly abandoned, as they have reached it the WWW. We know it mainly from secret agent films: Since the spy sends a message that destroys itself after a period of self. Does it have to remain a dream? Do not be like two online services show.

Self-extinguishing message for everyone

Burn Note and Thismessagewillselfdestruct Once generate messages. Once, means that they can be read only once, after zeroing occurs. If desired, also you set a timer. Thus, the message also clears automatically after a predetermined time. With all James Bond fever but you should refrain from sending too private things about Burn note and Thismessagewillselfdestruct. After all, it is an online service where operators can theoretically read along everything. "007, take over!" - Have fun on behalf of Her Majesty. Burn Note Thismessagewillselfdestruct