With the JUKE app brings you look at one of the largest streaming music services on smartphone. With 30 million Audi tracks and some 5,000 audiobooks JUKE leaves no music requests. The functions of the JUKE app are balanced and there are other streaming services second to none. The provider 24-7 Entertainment GmbH offers a non-binding seven day trial every new user, then the usage costs 9.99 euros per month.

JUKE app

Search, discover and share with the JUKE app music

After installing the JUKE app you can sign up for the free trial period either with his Facebook account or via email. So you have to store any payment information. Directly on the home page there is a selection of current music. you can use the search function specifically for artists, bands, songs or albums. If you play an album to appear albums that other users have heard next to this very. In addition, can discover new tracks and save them as a playlist in different genres, mix tapes, the charts. all the albums and artists can be stored centrally on MyJUKE, so they are playable immediately after starting the app.

create playlists and share

Playlist can be easily with the JUKE app via drag & create drop. So all your favorite songs can be played sequentially or create playlists for every situation and mood or for friends. By clicking on the star icon songs as favorite. Both playlists and favorites are synced automatically across devices and the web player - so is your music library always and everywhere up to date. Like all artists, songs and albums to playlists via Facebook, Twitter or email can share and publish.

JUKE app selection

JUKE.FM adds variety

but the JUKE app offers much more than music streaming. With JUKE.fm the app provides access to numerous online radio. These can be selected by genre, such as pop, folk, house, alternative, classical or jazz - just to name a few. Who wants to be inspired musical, is sure to find the right channels here. The included songs can be added if you like to playlists or MyJUKE. If not satisfied you can simply skip to the next song.

HiFi connection

JUKE provides not only on the smartphone for perfect music enjoyment. The manufacturer also provides the connection to various sound systems. So are available, for example, with the respective app systems like Philips Fidelio or Sonos systems to play selected songs on the JUKE app. For this, the SONOS or Philips app just needs to be installed. just choose to start the relevant app JUKE, select the song and press play - and you can hear the music in perfect sound.