At the download HWMonitor is it is a versatile tool for monitoring the hardware of a computer. It shows not only data on the built-up parts in desktop PCs also information about the charging status of the laptop battery.

HWMonitor download shows temperature and fan speed

Whether fan speed, voltage and temperature of the motherboard or the graphics card does not matter to HWMonitor. Even the SMART status of hard disks and the data stored there detailed data on the state of the hard disk be read and displayed. The present even in a portable version Freeware copes with a variety of motherboards, processors, graphics cards and hard drives.

download HWMonitor

The collected data will be displayed in a clearly structured overview and can provide information useful to identify any defects or performance bottlenecks. The monitoring sensors, for example, hardware components in the system can find that are broken or not working correctly. Those looking for more Systemanalye tools for free download, will find in our extensive software catalog.