YouTube Unblocker for Firefox

The clever extension for the Firefox browser puts an end to blocked YouTube music videos - of course, legal. While guaranteeing the YouTube Unblocker Firefox best video quality without stuttering and audio dropouts.

Enjoying the YouTube Unblocker Firefox blocked Music Clips

In Germany, the look of YouTube music videos makes long no longer fun. So include GEMA blocked videos have virtually come to life. All the time you look at a black screen with the familiar "apology" that this video is not available. That's enough of that. Nonstop music video evenings come back - thanks to the YouTube Unblocker Firefox. The add-on brings all this country blocked videos back to the Firefox browser. And who now wonders if this is allowed - it is!

YouTube Unblocker Firefox

Then bring the Firefox add-on back all music videos

Among the large variety of add-ons for Mozilla Firefox this is probably one of the most lucrative. Because there is hardly anyone who does not want to enjoy his favorite music videos constantly again. To ensure this, makes the Unblocker foreign proxy server advantage. This means every time a user retrieves a video that has been banned in Germany by GEMA, the extension accesses proxy server. The advantage over other video Entsperrungs tools is that really it is connecting to other servers only when needed and very specifically. There occurs accordingly no general redirect to the proxy servers that also affect surfing normally, including longer waiting times. In this way the Firefox so not only ensures good playback quality of the videos, but just also fast browsing at all other sites. Another plus point of the extension that not only video playback, but also can be found again. This ensures the add-on by the targeted YouTube search on proxies sends. Moreover, the Unblocker also ensures the proper Playing embedded videos, For example, on Facebook or other websites.

YouTube Unblocker Firefox Installation

Quick installation of unblockers in Firefox

The download and installation of the add-ons are carried out in a few steps. of course, is to download the extension from the big button on this site in the first place. Because the file is relatively narrow, which only takes a few moments. Then the installation is carried out automatically. The user receives a short warning, and the question of whether the source is trustworthy. Since this is a Firefox extension that the window can be ignored. In principle, it is now almost finished. only restart now Mozilla Firefox and already the YouTube Unblocker Firefox is active. From now on, music videos can be played over and over again - no matter whether they are locked in Germany or not. Add-on deal GEMA locks for full music video enjoyment Is this useful tool for Videoentsperrung once installed in Firefox, it brings back all the videos that were left unattended to date. The videos that no longer appeared in the YouTube search, are back. The add-on can be found incidentally in the Firefox extensions.