WhatsApp will not install? We tell you what to do if problems arise WhatsApp and fails to install the popular Messengers. now learn more about WhatsApp errors and error codes!

WhatsApp can not be installed: Causes, error messages and solutions

After downloading the latest version of WhatsApp for Android or iOS installation works normally without problems. But so many users complaining of pitfalls and errors in installing the Messengers. We show below, stuck behind what causes what each WhatsApp mean error codes and how an WhatsApp problem can be resolved.

Is there enough space on the smartphone available?

Those who want to install WhatsApp, should first examine whether he really has the latest version of their mobile operating system Android or iOS and also ensure that space on the smart phone is plentiful. If WhatsApp is already installed in a previous version, this prevents occasionally a new installation. In most cases the update works fine. If this is not the case, you should uninstall WhatsApp from your iPhone or Android smartphone and back up all important data and the chat history before. For the use of WhatsApp also a SIM card must be inserted into the phone.

WhatsApp will not installWhatsApp can not be installed? We show causes and solutions. (Picture: WhatsApp / Editorial)

install WhatsApp as an APK file

If the user does not want to install WhatsApp on the Play Store, but as APK file, it must specify that files that do not originate from the Play Store may not be actually installed on the smartphone. This works via Settings -> Safety. The user sets the hook on Unknown sources and then can easily perform the APK file.

WhatsApp error codes 413, 481, 491, 492, 921, 927 and 941

WhatsApp can not be installed and you will see an error code with a three-digit number? Who meets with the WhatsApp installed on the error codes 413, 481, 491, 492, 921, 927 and 941, removed his Google account by selecting Settings > accounts > selects and Google's own Google account. Now the device is restarted and joined the Google Account again added. The user clears the cache and data of Google Play Store app, pointing to his device to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > Clear cache and typed delete data. Now make another attempt to load the app to work ..

WhatsApp error codes 101, 498, 919 and 403, 495, 504, 911, 920, 923

Even with the error codes 101, 498 and 919, it may be that the cache and data of the Google Play Store must be deleted. After that, restart the machine and install WhatsApp again. For the error codes 403, 495, 504, 911, 920, 923 (RPC errors, Invalid package file, download or installation not successful), the user first make sure to have enough free memory on the device and uses for installing turn the APK file instead of the Google Play store.

WhatsApp Error 24

Another reason for the problem "WhatsApp will not install" the error 24. Who gets this when trying to install WhatsApp can assume that it is caused by a bug in Android 4.4. As a solution, the user can com.whatsapp the folder under the path / data / data delete, or reset the device to factory settings. The error message "This app is not compatible with your device" suggests that using their own phone or tablet does not come with the latest version of WhatsApp deal. According to the manufacturer, the Android version 2.1 or iOS 6.0 or later is required for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Error 11

The WhatsApp error -11 or 11 depends apparently along with the announced end support for Android 2.1 and 2.2. These systems will be going away soon and the final out is to come late 2016th Many users report that a WhatsApp Error 11 has been published since the last update WhatsApp, who pointed out that Android 2.x devices are no longer supported and WhatsApp sets the support for older versions of Android. Even Android 2.3.5 and 2.3.6 will be affected by WhatsApp error -11. The only solution, according to user reports is to look for an older WhatsApp update, install, and turn off automatic updates.