ALDI TALK APN Settings: It's that easy!

ALDI TALK APN Settings: It’s that easy!

Who the right ALDI TALK APN settings selected, ensures that he fully exploits the data plan of the discount provider and does not move at too low a speed through the Internet. We show step by step how ALDI Talk client set the correct values. learn more here!

More speed on the mobile Internet with the right ALDI TALK APN settings

Wrong ALDI TALK APN prevent settings, taking the user or the mobile Internet data act as brakes. Therefore, ALDI Talk customers should check whether they really the right ALDI TALK Internet have made settings. The tariff of the German discounter is becoming increasingly popular, not least manage their account purposefully through the practical ALDI TALK app that ALDI TALK customers. However, many users have ordered a comfortable for all purposes Surf data plan, they can not exploit properly because of too low internet speed. The cause usually wrong ALDI TALK Internet settings, but can be resolved quickly and easily apply.

Setting ALDI TALK Internet settings manually

For most providers, the configuration of the APN settings automatically works out, but this is at the ALDI TALK Internet settings are not always the case, so this must be changed manually sometimes. The reason for this is that the discount does not use its own network and the user must explicitly notify his smartphone so, which E-Plus channel is to use it.

ALDI TALK APN settingsSelect ALDI TALK APN settings and browse faster

The correct ALDI TALK APN settings for Android and iOS devices

Who uses per SIM card from ALDI TALK mobile Internet, so the ALDI TALK APN usually has to manually add settings on their Android phone, iPhone or surf stick. Below we show the data for the Access Point Name (APN) are required for ALDI TALK.

First, the user calls into the settings of his Android device to point Mobile networks. Here, all options for roaming, networks and APNs can be set. Important for ALDI TALK APN settings access points, among which emerge the available E-Plus APNs are. E-Plus Internet needs to be edited with the right credentials. Various options are available to set up their own Internet flat rate. Who selects the APN settings wrong, can not use his flat rate or surfs to a lower speed. In order to connect to the mobile Internet, should be entered following APN settings for mobile data ALDI TALK customers.

  • Name: AldiTalk or E-Plus Internet
  • APN / Access Point:
  • Username: e plus
  • Password: Internet or gprs

Who would like to set the ALDI TALK APN settings on an iPhone or iPad, will change this in Settings -> General -> network -> Mobile data network. If ALDI TALK settings continue to receive customers after the acquisition of the correct APN not connect to the mobile Internet, they should contact the ALDI TALK hotline to solve the problem.