All subjects and categories of StadtLandFluss app

All ten Categories of StadtLandFluss app and their sub-topics at a glance. read here what one can expect everything in word puzzles!

After downloading the StadtLandFluss app players will be faced with the most incredible issues. Who wants to know in advance what it blooms, can be found here.

Categories of StadtLandFluss appAll categories of StadtLandFluss app at a glance. (Picture: Fanatee Games / Editorial)

Categories of StadtLandFluss app

The categories of StadtLandFluss app go far beyond the classic five topics that you did as a child with pen and paper. Of professions over YouTuber and airlines the word puzzle has one to offer and that also makes the excitement and the fun of the game. In total there are ten topics of StadtLandFluss app, which in turn differ include many Tags.

Topic: Diversity

  • jobs
  • famous brands
  • Character traits
  • Furniture (level 6)
  • Typical German
  • Tools

Topic: Funny

  • Things from the bathroom
  • Things that you should not touch (level 8)
  • Things that should not exist
  • Things that are around
  • something red
  • Costumes

Topic: General knowledge

  • automakers
  • Famous scientist and inventor
  • famous inventions
  • airlines
  • cities
  • historical figures
  • Internationally renowned painter
  • International famous roads (level 10)
  • countries
  • billionaires
  • Nobel laureate
  • languages
  • State Capitals* Currency (level 9)

Topic: Movies & Television

  • Famous actors (level 15)
  • Famous who died young
  • Disney / Pixar Characters
  • Horror movie
  • Monster and fictional villains
  • Oscar-nominated actor
  • Superbowl advertisers
  • Walk of Fame (level 4)

Theme: Nature

  • Allergic to …
  • flowers
  • trees
  • chemical elements
  • Things from outer space
  • fish
  • rivers
  • breeds
  • insects
  • Diseases / symptoms
  • Body Parts
  • Mammal (level 5)
  • animals
  • birds
  • Weather

Topic: Vocabulary

  • Gender-neutral name
  • boy names
  • maiden name
  • verbs
  • Words with four letters
  • Words that end in F
  • Words that end in Z
  • Words contain an X

Topic: Fill in the set

  • This person is my ...
  • I believe in …
  • I lost my ...
  • My boss is ...
  • My dragon is ...

Topic: Food

  • Things out of the refrigerator
  • ice creams
  • vegetables
  • drinks
  • spices
  • cheeses
  • dessert
  • fruit

Theme: Sports

  • Famous stadiums and arenas (level 20)
  • World Cup winner
  • Grand Slam Tennis Champions
  • NBA players
  • Summer Olympics medal winners
  • sports
  • Winter Olympics medal winners

Topic: Entertainment

  • Bands and solo artists
  • known YouTuber
  • Famous classical music composer
  • best-selling authors
  • Emmy-nominated series
  • Hobbies
  • music genres
  • Musical instruments
  • Pokémon
  • Songs by Beatles / Stones
  • Super Bowl musical performers
  • superheroes

These themes of StadtLandFluss app are playable at the moment. However, with new categories repeatedly, the think of the developers of Fanatee games. For a few coins, the categories of StadtLandFluss app can even change. But only if you yourself on train, otherwise you have to answer the issues of the opponent.