AccountKiller helps the user when deleting accounts with Facebook & Co .. The free service linked to the sometimes well-hidden erase functions. An account with Facebook, Twitter and other services be set up quickly. Specifying a user name and e-mail address is usually sufficient. It is more difficult often, even delete the account. The operators of AccountKiller have gained the clear links of many services and offer them listed on their website. The services listed above 400 are divided into a white and black list. Whitelisted services are entered, where a deletion works fine. Blacklisted land providers that do not offer complete deletion. With them can be eliminated often only with the account linked data, but not the account itself. AccountKiller helps users to more informal self-determination. Who does not want to continue using a service that clears his account with this web app quickly and easily. Well hidden extinguishing links were researched by AccountKiller team. More AccountKiller in blog: Delete Facebook Account. Very similar features does the way justdeleteme, which is also available as an extension for Google Chrome. Here you can learn even when surfing to a site whether this is also contained in the databases of the service.