In Dungeon Defenders, the player seemingly endless waves of monsters opposes. Unlike most representatives of the Tower Defense genre to this task but does not have to cope alone here, but cooperates in teams with a maximum of four players. At the beginning it slips in Dungeon Defenders into one of four roles. You can choose between an apprentice, Squire, Huntress or monk, which all have different skills and also differ in their degrees of difficulty. As a hunter or a monk that are only available in the registered version of the game available, for example, more experienced players should go into battle. Subsequently prepares its defenses in the form of towers and traps in Dungeon Defenders. Here you should take advantage of the lack of time pressure thoroughly, because the enemy hordes of monsters are once unleashed, it goes like the real thing ... Kindly Dungeon Defenders brings some role-playing elements with which inclined Diablo gamers should definitely look familiar. Level by level is built on the skills of his character and collect items such as an armor. The brightly colored and comic-like graphics seemingly doing to make their rest to Dungeon Defenders to a thoroughly successful action fun. Incidentally, the PC version, the game is available as a download via platforms such as Steam.

Limitations of Dungeon Defenders

In the demo, only two of four character classes are playable.