Of the HeatMapper download helps to determine the optimal location for the home wireless router. This is with the freeware Although some work, but this is worth it sometimes very.

Download HeatMapper ensures optimum wireless reception

The easiest way to work with HeatMapper goes out of hand, it has a digital form floor plan of his own four walls. In this case, grabs his notebook, goes from the living areas and measures at regular intervals with a click how much of the transmitted wireless signals at the location in question arrive. Based on these test results is HeatMapper then a general map of the rooms together in the poor or good reception is visualized in red and green - a heat map up.

Did they present no plan of the living rooms, one does not dispense with the services of wireless auditor by the way. In this case, this then works only in a commonly held grid, which concludes certainly complicates the optimal placement of the router bit.

HeatMapper download