The free Grabilla created screenshots and video recordings of the events on the desktop. Screenshots you know with comments and markings, screencasts are recorded upon request, including sound and share on Facebook & Co. is a matter of a few seconds.

Grabilla download and setup

After downloading Grabilla the screenshot tool provides the ability to integrate into the Windows Explorer context menu during installation. However, the corresponding entry does not end up as usual in sending to, but Grabilla generates a new entry in the upper region of the right-click menu. This is convenient, but you should know precisely. In addition, activated at the request of Tray starters, the one Program icon to quickly create screenshots placed next to the Windows clock in the system tray.

Grabilla download

In addition, it is defined in the program settings which, if any shortcuts calls the screenshot program. In addition, users define different here Default actions that make for the screen shot or executed the Recording Movies: Videos land so directly on the Web server, the editing tool is opened, the Picture Viewer, or the file is simply stored locally. Two standards can be set here that run with or without pressing the Alt key.

Screenshot do with Grabilla

The creation of screenshots is with the Grabilla download done quickly. After clicking on the tray icon or pressing the shortcut key you draw a box around the screen. Alternatively, the tool automatically places a border around the entire desktop or the active window, the corresponding buttons are found on the right hand in Grabilla main window. Depending on the setting, the file will be directly uploaded or saved, or it opens the processing, the so-called redaction fashion. Allowing the subsequent adjustment of the trailed frame and the Inserting various labels into a selectable color:

  • Rectangular frame
  • Freehand frame
  • arrows
  • filled rectangle
  • text comments

Grabilla Download image editing

If the editing is finished, the image will upload via directly uploaded and stored on Save on the plate.

create animated GIFs and desktop video

In addition to still images, the Grabilla download understands with moving images. The associated option is found as a slider running on the bottom bar of the Grabillafensters. Generating GIFs, as well as video clips, is incredibly simple: Set slider GIF or video, pull frame recording. When you create desktop video can additionally select the video quality and desired the output current through the sound card record audio signal. For example, how-tos are taken in an instant, including music and voice memo.

upload pictures and share with Grabilla

As mentioned above, the Grabilla invites download pictures automatically to an online server and provides quick and easy links to parts of the uploaded Pix ready. This happens on the one hand do after the screenshot and create desktop videos, or by clicking on the item in the context menu of Windows Explorer. In addition, the Grabilla website links is preparing to be embedded in WordPress & Co. before, or to post in web forums, and Short Links or QR code are available. In addition, the upload to Reddit, tumblr, Twitter and Pinit is made by button in no time. The login for all the online services is done either via Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo or LinkedIn.

share Grabilla download images online

Grabilla: take screenshots with nice features

The Grabilla download packs a relatively slim screenshot program to your PC and allows easily inserting comments and marks. Creating desktop videos goes flaky from the hand, and just who likes to share photos online, here is a great software that something may have more to do just as just a screenshot. Who can refrain from sending you will find the Screenpresso a good alternative with better editing features. Goodies such as the self-selectable keyboard shortcuts and two standard actions complete the screenshot tool functional, and leave eien good impression.