WhatsApp backup does not work and the data and conversations can not be restored after a new installation or registration? Here's the most common solutions to the problem!

Normally, the chat history can be produced again on the backup feature after a new download of WhatsApp for Android or iOS. For this purpose, only the option chat history and media must during the registration process and after verifying the phone number restore are chosen and already provides the service, the data either from Goolge Drive, OneDrive, iCloud or local backups restores. Should he at least - if not, may have the following reasons

HELP: The WhatsApp backup does not work

If, however, appear instead of the original conversations, the message "WhatsApp restore backup does not work" for most users, an increased heart rate is the result. Finally, the chats are mostly a personal value or even contain important documents. Depending on where the backup file is located, proceed as follows:

1. Restore Drive Backup

Drive Backup WhatsApp does not work? It might be the cause:

  • The phone number and Google account are not those with which the backup was made. In this case, the SIM card must be replaced and / or the corresponding Google account will be shown.
  • The phone does not have enough free space. Then you should liberate before backup the device of junk data, delete unwanted apps or - if possible - Move to SD Card. ,
  • Google Play services are not installed on the phone. Then here the Google Play Services can be downloaded.
  • The battery is exhausted. In this case, you should charge the device or connect it to the power supply.
  • The Internet connection is unstable. repeat the backup if you have a reliable wireless connection.

2. Restore iCloud Backup

If a problem arises when the data on the iCloud to be restored, these are the most common reasons:

  • The phone number and / or iCloud account different from that to which the backup was made. adjust the respective data in this case.
  • On the iPhone is not enough free disk space. If necessary, data and / or applications need to be deleted so that chats can be restored.
  • iCloud Drive is off. Then the service can be reactivated under iPhone settings and among iCloud and iCloud Drive.
  • Backups created with iCloud Drive can be restored only on devices with at least iOS 8th
  • ICloud Drive is used for another device with the same Apple ID. registering the device in this case.
  • The network strike. try in this case, the data production on a different network. Ideally, in the which is used most often.

WhatsApp backup does not workWhatsApp backup does not work on the iPhone? (Picture: WhatsApp)

3. Restore backup OneDrive

The WhatsApp backup does not work in conjunction with OneDrive? These are the most common sources of error:

  • The account is not registered with OneDrive or was an aberrant account used for backup. In both cases, you have to log in with the account to which the backup was created.
  • The phone number is different from when creating the backup. Then, usually an exchange of Sim Card helps.
  • The minimum technical requirement for WhatsApp Data Recovery is a Windows Phone 8.1.
  • Sometimes fails data recovery at the joint. the restoration of the conversations in the WLAN works most optimally.
  • The battery is too weak. connecting the device to a charger in this case.

Restore 4. Local backup file on an Android device or Windows Phone

On your smartphone, chat history the last seven days are stored. Those who want to restore a file, this goes as follows:

  • an SD card following path is to be called the Android device must have a file manager: sdcard / WhatsApp / databases /. Bie Windows phones, the file can be found here. SD card / WhatsApp / WinPhoneBackup.
  • Without SD card to find the file either in memory or in one of these folders: internal storage or main storage (Android) or WhatsApp, More, Settings, chats and phone calls and backup (Windows Phone).
  • Now the desired file from msgstore-YYYY-MM-TT.db.crypt12 needs to be renamed. The new name is msgstore.db.crypt12.
  • Following WhatsApp must first be uninstalled and then reinstalled.
  • During the registration process must be typed on Restore if this option appears.

WhatsApp backup does not work Local BackupHere one finds the backup file on the Android. (Sceenshot: Editorial)