The software, getting used to name Alcohol 52% can create up to 31 virtual drives and with its emulation capabilities especially something for music fans and hardcore gamers.

The Alcohol 52% Download for emulation drives

The download of the emulator Alcohol 52% is rapidly only during installation, the user should take the time to also make this user-defined in order to avoid the installation of additional software.

Alcohol 52% lets you play CDs and DVDs without the actual pieces of silver

by the Download Alcohol 52% the user can create image files from CDs and DVDs, which enables him to play the content later, even without the actual CD or DVD on his computer on the hard drive. He does then the so-called virtual Disk, of the software up to 31 pieces can manage at once. This is particularly advantageous when the actual drive no longer working properly or the data is very large. The emulation software reads all common disc image formats, as Clone CD, Nero and ISO and also supports the following formats:

  • MDS
  • CCD
  • CUE
  • BWT
  • CDI
  • MDS
  • NRG
  • PD
  • B5T
  • ISZAlthough the software can circumvent copy, but a burning CDs or DVDs is not possible with the free version. What software can and what other system utilities for free download everything can be shown here.

A simple interface for an almost equally simple application

The design of Alcohol 52% is kept simple and straightforward, and the user interface has a few, but important buttons which control the action of the software.

Alcohol 52% Download

On the whole, the operation of this tool is not too difficult, but are a lot of beginners, or those who rarely use the computer, yet so have their little problems with Alcohol 52% because they are rarely need it and therefore no access to the For software. Nevertheless, it is this program not one only for computer professionals. The emulator for comfortable play CDs and DVDs A Alcohol 52% Download worthwhile especially for music fans and for passionate gamers, since both handle a lot of DVDs and CDs. The software presented here created in no time images of CDs and DVDs and also provides up to 31 virtual drives. For this reason, this software can with people who use their drive often, not missing on the computer.