Classic FTP

Classic FTP facilitates file sharing between local and networked hard drives. The free client brings a practical function for the automatic adjustment of the respective content among others. This tool checks the files on the local and the FTP drive are present and brings them on request to the same level. In this case for Classic FTP, it does not matter whether the file transfer unfolds in local networks, via the Internet or in the direction of external hard drives goes. Thanks to the clear, style similar to popular file manager interface, the handling of Classic FTP designed fairly straightforward. Practically also: The FTP client specifies a protocol of his actions, which is not hidden as a log file somewhere in the system, but is available in the form of a third window at any time for inspection. Many other FTP clients to download for free, our software catalog.

Limitations of Classic FTP

Freeware for private, non-commercial use.