Christmas Live Wallpaper App

The Christmas Live Wallpaper App conjures a beautiful winter landscape in the smartphone and tablet. You shake the mobile device even heard Christmas carols. The Christmas wallpaper comes in HD and also offers impressive three-dimensional animations.

Festive mood with the Christmas Live Wallpaper App

A snowy woods on a dark night, a silver shining moon and twinkling stars: Against this background Christmas travel Santa Claus and his sleigh to the families, to sweeten them with gifts the Holy Night. but still the Christmas Live Wallpaper app offers much more than a dreamy romantic Christmas picture in HD and therefore probably one of the most popular tools in the Advent season.

Christmas Live Wallpaper App

Christmas Magic with numerous extras

In order to tune appropriately to the celebration of love, the app offers many highlights. Will the smartphone or the tablet once shaken sound different Christmas songs. Alternately, the app Jingle Bells, We Wish You a Merry Christmas or Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer plays. Is twice the display touched sound of Christmas bells and the Ho-ho-ho Santa Claus. But not only acoustically provides the app more than the competition. The background is magical animated and devices with Gyroscope (gyro sensor) the scenery can view in 3D even. But even if the device does not have such a sensor, the application attempts to simulate a similar effect.

Free Christmas Live Wallpaper app upgrade option

The festive animated background is free, but can be extended by an upgrade with additional functions. Among other carols users can dive the winter landscape in a snowstorm. Here, both the amount of snowflakes as well as their speed and direction can be changed at will. There is a magic wand with which Santa Claus' reindeer can be routed through the night or gifts in different colors and quantities.

The objects can be adapted versatile on your own taste - whether subtly or with lots of glitter and bling-bling agrees the app each user to the contemplative days and shorten the time until it actually is on 24 December:

"Silent Night! Holy Night!Everything is sleeping. alone and awakeJust the faithful and holy pair.Lovely boy 'in curly hair,Sleep in heavenly peace! "