Lovoo coupon for free VIP membership

Lovoo coupon for free VIP membership

Lovoo voucher Redeem and free use of the VIP benefits. Learn to how to extend the flirt service to its premium features without having to pay a cent for it – and never!

Prerequisite for the free extras the download Amazon Underground, an alternative app store, the number of paid applications is offered free of charge. For this, however, users have to grant the shopping giant wide-ranging access to their data.

Redeem coupon Lovoo Amazon Underground

Strictly speaking, not a double-Lovoo voucher must be redeemed for these free functions. It is sufficient if users to download the popular dating app from the alternative Store Amazon Underground on their phone. Following the actual costs, currently 11,99 EUR per month will be reduced for the VIP status to 0.00 euros. And the best part: This discount is valid not only for the first month, but for the entire period of use. After you just have to register or login with existing user data and have all VIP benefits can use free of charge.

Lovoo voucherRedeem coupon Lovoo on Amazon Underground.

The advantages offered by the voucher Lovoo

The VIP status provides users with a number of extras that can normally only be unlocked via in-app purchases. Here are the main features include:

  • Of the Profile highlighter sets a gold frame around the profile picture that so clearly stands out from the others. The highlighter can be disabled if required.
  • more matches on the day, because the daily limit the hit game is canceled.
  • in the Invisible Mode can be slipped study the profiles of other users and evaluate.
  • thanks to the Top Chat-Function always land the news at the top – even if the mailbox is actually bursting at the seams.
  • All profile visitors are shown.
  • high popularity by more frequent display of the profile with other users.

With these features the dating portal can be used much more extensive and more promising than in the basic version. The hot romance, new love or friendship for life is now nothing in the way.

New function in Lovoo: Flirting via hashtag

Regardless of the VIP status can flirt with Lovoo also via hashtag now. Similar to Twitter or Instagram the small diamond ensures that users search for specific keywords or can provide you with appropriate keywords their photos and images themselves. So that new contacts with similar interests, such as a film or similar musical tastes can be sought and found. How it works: After signing up with its user data the magnifying glass icon must be selected within the app; on the website, however, the Discover option in the main menu. Following the tab must be selected photos or New images and the desired hashtag to be entered into the search box.