Of the ShowGPS download pointing to a laptop or netbook with a connected GPS mouse to the route to any destination. In conjunction with POI (Points of Interest) is known about attractions on the route know.

ShowGPS Download as clever GPS Tracker

Traffic reports shows the Shareware directly on the screen, so you can save travel time. ShowGPS falls back on the free service OpenStreetMap and provides a navigation system Deluxe is available, which can be controlled by voice even. Once the GPS receiver has been detected automatically, ShowGPS displays the current speed, altitude and direction, among others. The import function loads to sights and interesting places to Navi, reference is made to when approaching. The functionality of ShowGPS goes far beyond the normal navigation system also.

ShowGPS download

Who travels a lot, uses the online tracking and shares his interesting (driving) expertise with others. Exciting tracks with beautiful landscapes can thus be recommended. The appropriate map data to load the same. If you're traveling with your notebook or netbook, transforms the computer with ShowGPS in a comfortable route planner. Jams and detours are a thing of the past. The GPS tool continues to use POIs to supplement the distance calculations to interesting additional information.

Limitations of ShowGPS

Demo demonstration and short test of functions