LEGO Life App

LEGO Life App

With LEGO Life App can create an anonymous profile and photograph their created buildings, constructions and creative creations and publish children.

Lego Life AppThanks to the avatar one uses the Lego Life app completely anonymous. (Picture: LEGO® group)

Safety first: The LEGO Life App for children between five and 13 years

LEGO Life offers children who are too young for Facebook and Co., a secure platform to network and exchange. For this, an anonymous account will be created for which an avatar is created in the typical LEGO look. Photos of real people are not allowed on the social platform and so will any image that is uploaded and shared, checked in advance of LEGO. All photos must also be age appropriate, have something to do with LEGO and must not contain links to other sites. So parents can be sure that their children get shown only age appropriate content and the identity of the offspring is protected. the consent of a parent or other guardian is also required to create an ID. The application can be be used in limited form even without an ID by the way.

Lego Life App PhotosPhotos can be divided into the Lego Life app and comment. (Picture: LEGO® group)

Social media platform for children with lots of extras

On the LEGO Life App can not only shared photos, rated and commented on the application still has some handy in other extras. So you can discover exciting images of other LEGO fans, children can solve problems and puzzles, customize their avatar or receive news about their favorite topics like LEGO DIMENSIONS, LEGO City or LEGO Friends. There are numerous forums and groups where LEGO fans can exchange with each other. These contributions are – how the comments – moderated, so parents do not have to worry about attacks or bullying. A direct chat, however, was completely deleted to comply with corporate security policies. Which were developed by the way, together with UNICEF and set high standards for child safety online and offline.

advertising & Co.

The LEGO Life app is completely free and does not offer in-app purchases. Also on advertising by third parties was waived – apart from the products of the manufacturer once. So parents are in this respect on the safe side. For the use of social media portal for children but an Internet connection is necessary.