Bowling PC

With the Bowling PC Download can practice without having to leave the house their Strikes players. As with many games in the major sports games offer much emphasis was placed on realism with increased fun factor here.

Pins flying leave with the bowling PC Download

After downloading the game installation is completed quickly. Bowling PC runs on all devices with the operating systems Windows XP to Windows Vista and requires the accurate representation of a Pentium or Core 2 Duo processor along with functioning graphics card. the keyboard is only required to control the ball. Whether Strike or rivets - about each player decides exclusively with arrows and space bar.

Bowling PC Download

With the keyboard control the direction of the ball as well as the force required to be controlled. The wooden train is equipped with the usual help aiming additionally helps a graphic in the lower right corner in bringing the bowling ball on a collision course with the pins. The spacebar triggers the throw.

Bowling PC against friends or machine

The game in Bowling PC download offers the right game mode for every personality. Single fighter can perform as a solo player their litters without interruption and reached a lot of practice and a little luck, the perfect score of 300 points. Ambitious can compete against up to five opponents. These can be provided from the computer and from friends. Whether you're cheering on his competitors or laugh at, personality is also owed. Each player, whether human or digital, has a name and a signed face. After that, the fun can begin!

Sports game with cool optics

Bowling is one of the most relaxing sports ever. Have you unleashed his balls on the pins, you can wait for his next throw confidently with snacks and beer. Bright colors and loud music as part of the experience as the two-tone rental shoes and the smell of sport and food.

Bowling PC download Club

The latter is, unfortunately, or fortunately, not included in the Bowling PC download. For this, the simulation meets the optical experience and the typical sound quite accurately. From club music to the sound of falling pins, the makers of the game have considered everything. The bowling alley itself which offers a colorful look you can choose itself as well as the color of the ball. Successful bowling simulator The game is quite simple, however, proves on the controller as treacherous. Both the difficulty and the typical atmosphere are well reproduced. The different game modes round out the digital bowling experience.