Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements brings the professional image editor par excellence in a beginner-friendly version to the PC. So users benefit from the professional editing techniques of its big brother Photoshop – without complicated menus. The current version attracts among other things with a mobile access to images from the smartphone or tablet.

Adobe Photoshop Elements Download: Image editing for amateur photographers

Manage images, edit, optimize: The Media Manager users always keep the overview. In addition to pure display of images along with metadata management overview already offers the possibility to process on the basis of ready-made action sets. Thus optimized photo galleries are generated without having to open a number of images in an instant. For this, a number fixed and ready templates ready – but also one’s own creativity are no limits here. The Smart Manager also provides support in the selection of photographs for quality, date or person. For this "to explain" Users the manager, which name belongs to which unique face, henceforth are galleries like "All pictures by Ella" created with a few clicks. Since version 10 that works even on the basis of Facebook friends list. In addition, PS Elements automatically detects objects in photos. will present the finished creation with optional Music for PC, Web or DVD. In edit mode, the usual powerful Photoshop tools are available: optimization tools for brightness, saturation, contrast, etc. assist in the qualitative appreciation – either automatically or manually. So you transfer via style transmission for example, the color scheme of an image to another image or an entire series. Brush and pen, however, pave the way for his own paintings. Eraser, Magic Wand and retouching tools help when cropping and adjusting the image content. Disrupts a pedestrian the idyllic holiday? The Spot Healing Brush directs it in a few seconds.

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Adobe Photoshop Elements Download

Adobe Photoshop Elements offers a special retouching tool for red animal eyes, which can not be repaired with conventional tools. In addition, the so-called content-aware move by Relocate resultant subject matter regions picture automatically fills gaps on. The latest version includes new options for photo montages in which colors and lighting seem quite realistic. A new design tool for Facebook is on board, can be created with the profile images. In addition, to create perfect images by Photomerging. Thus, the best in each image of a person is taken and assembled to form an optimum overall picture about ten group images – as photomontages are a breeze. Even panoramic images are composed with a Panorama in no time – even in 360 °. Here, the photo specialist will automatically fill in any gaps. With so much functionality to create HDR images, removing scratches and paste reflections are almost not worth mentioning. Competent image editor with professional claim Photoshop Elements course does not offer all the features of long professional image arranger Adobe Photoshop. However, important functions for use at home are all on board (and more) and clearly stand out thanks to their high quality of the competition. All in all, provides the Shareware Photoshop Elements image editor a competent professional applications.

Limitations of Adobe Photoshop Elements

30 day trial. Free registration required from the manufacturer.