master Elster tax return made how you do it!

master Elster tax return made how you do it!

Every year tax return. Users must submit their control for the first time find here help their Elster tax return to send electronically to the tax office. make smart here!

The term stands for ELSTER electronic tax returns, which is intended to completely replace the financial paper chaos in the long run. With free ElsterFormular Download users receive a tax software to enable coping with the tax return on the PC. However, the paperless option is not immediately transparent to everyone. We bring light into the darkness and bureaucratic help users step by step to the electronic tax return.

Elster tax return

Preparation for the Elster tax return

The basic requirement is first of all the current ElsterFormular, which can be downloaded via the link in the previous paragraph. The control software must then be installed. Note: The control can also be made retroactively if necessary for several years.

Gradually the finished tax return with Elster

In the following instructions each step will be explained how to cope with the income tax and then transmit to the tax office with the ElsterFormular. Following steps are necessary:

  • (1) applying the income tax return
  • (2) filling in all the forms and attachments
  • (3) verification of the information
  • calculate control in ElsterFormular (4)
  • (5) transmitting to the tax

1. Creation of the tax return

In the first step of the Elster tax return, these must first be created. For this, the program opens after installation. Right on the home screen, to create a new tax return appears. Individuals find the appropriate income tax return on the left side across the path by owner -> Income tax return. There, the forms will be listed for all the years. Click on the desired recreate simple.

Elster tax return by owner

After creating the tax return, the window is divided into several parts. Under the menu bar are all documents that are opened, displayed via tabs as they are known by the browser. Among them can be found on the left side of the list of all forms used. The window just below displays all forms that can be used for the Elster tax return available. In the central area is the editing window for completing the forms. To the right is a small assistant, information on individual fields are.

Elster tax return structure

Within the program, tax returns for different people can create, they should be marked accordingly.

TIP: Save Right at the beginning of the tax return, before you forget it in the heat of the filling. There is namely no automatic storage. For this simple file -> click Save As, select location and rename file. Now the user is asked to provide the document with a password. Herewith the protection of personal data is ensured.

Elster tax declaration Password

2. Fill out all the forms and attachments

Users who have already filed their income tax in the past will get along well in this step. The forms of digital Elster tax return do not differ in the slightest from the paper forms. For the filling, there are three ways:

  • a) Form: input mode for experienced users, who have already made tax returns. You simply fill in the fields automatically.

  • b) Interview: The user is guided in the mode by means of the survey of a wizard by the forms. From the answers to the corresponding fields are filled out. All necessary forms are automatically added. Perfect for beginners!

Elster tax return interview mode

  • c) Data Transfer: Who has already made last year’s tax return with Elster, can take this option parts of them.

While filling Notes on the individual fields are provided on the right side. In addition, the ElsterFormular out when evidence is required.

3. examination of the information in the tax return

Quick are in the heat of battle happened transposed digits or typos. Whether the disclosures are all logical and accurate, can be checked in the Elster tax return.

Elster tax return plausibility

For this, the user clicks on the menu option plausibility check or form icon below it with the orange check mark.
If errors are found are to see this at the bottom of the program window and can be corrected sequentially. If everything is correct, the user can proceed to the next step.

4. Calculate the tax in ElsterFormular

Use the Elster tax return, users can now find out before the transmission of the data, how much tax they pay or would receive.
For this preliminary calculation, the calculator icon is simply operated in the menu bar. Now the program needs a moment to perform the calculation. When the process is complete, the user will receive a preview of the assessment.

Elster calculate tax return

5. Communication to the tax office

In the last step the final income tax return to the tax office is transmitted. Here too, the user has two options:

  • a) With authentication: For the transmission of data with an electronic certificate authentication is necessary before. This will get the user to this page. This written tax return is completely replaced.

Elster tax declaration certificate

  • b) Without authentication: The finished created Elster tax return can be submitted electronically without the certificate. However, in this case, the compressed version must be printed, signed by all taxable persons and sent by mail to the tax office.

For submission to the tax office the user clicks on the menu data transmission. In the next steps, the user may indicate whether he has a certificate or not and, accordingly, performed by the transmission process.