Rasche’s Skat 6

Of the Rasche's Skat 6 Download gathered a 3D skat on the home screen. Upon request, all players are fully animated and can speak.

Rasche's Skat 6 Download with Cup and League mode

For visual variety make for Rasche's Skat different backgrounds, card designs and game modes. Besides normal single rounds, the player also has the choice between a cup and a league mode. In the so-called city of the objective is to earn by defeating various enemies with the time a virtual assets. The shareware allows all varieties as Ramsch-, dyes, Grand and zero games, Contra / Re, beer salmon and Bock rounds. Regularly tips on tactics and rules, Rasche's Skat is also suitable for beginners and players who want to learn the game first.

The game options include:

  • six different voices (three women and three men)
  • manual card distribution; Map analysis; own game statistics
  • Pokal- or league games
  • 20 different game types (Home player, normal, expert and a professional mode)
  • different game options when Ramsch (Virgin and the 0-eye sting, got eyes all the players settled as losers)

Rasche's Skat 6 Download

Limitations of Rasche's Skat 6

Waiting time before game evaluation, limited functionality.