Bingo Card Maker

Bingo Card Maker

Of the Bingo Card Maker Download create bingo cards to learn and play. The shareware brings over 200 design templates that can continue to use the user.

Bingo Card Maker Download as Bingo Card Generator for the PC

Font and size to fit in Bingo Card Maker individually. For the production of the card the user changes in Bingo Card Maker to request the size of the originals. Several maps the user simply printed on a DIN A4 page in order to save printing costs. Free retarded space can be filled with any text.

Bingo Card Maker DownloadBingo Card Maker Download: map generator for the PC

Playing cards according to the wishes of the user

Whether in between for fun or for learning. Bingo Card Maker produces a digital card factory playing cards according to the user’s wishes. Such bingo cards there is nowhere to buy.

Limitations of Bingo Card Maker

The trial version is active 15 days and a maximum of 15 creates bingo cards.

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