Microsoft Edge import and manage bookmarks

Import Microsoft Edge Bookmark allows the acquisition of favorites from another browser. So users can manage their bookmark collection immediately after Microsoft Edge download.

Microsoft Edge Import Bookmarks from Firefox & Co.

Over time, many bookmarks accumulate in the Favorites folder in the default browser. The mix of often-used sites, interesting reading material for which you did not have time and link collections to online stores benefit users tremendously. Instead, the addresses of new interesting pages to remember, one click is enough on the star icon.

Also in the browser changes you do not give up this handy links. If you switch on the Edge browser with the move to Windows 10, you can import all bookmarks from Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and other browsers. The procedure is dependent on the browser.

Favorites from Internet Explorer and Google Chrome

The Microsoft Edge Bookmark Import from the browsers Google Chrome and Internet Explorer works with a few clicks.

Import Microsoft Edge BookmarkImport bookmarks with a few clicks Microsoft Edge. (Screenshot: Microsoft Corporation / Editorial)

For this go users the first thing on the stroke symbol. This consists of three horizontal bars and is located right next to the star icon.After that pops up a drop-down menu with the favorites. On the right side there is the option to import favorites.

Here users between browsers Internet Explorer and Chrome can choose. Click on Import bookmarks of the respective browser's favorites bar Edge are stored.

Microsoft Edge Import Bookmarks Chrome(Screenshot: Microsoft Corporation / Editorial)

Import from HTML files only via detour

Users of other browsers currently have to use a detour to Microsoft Bookmark Import.For most browsers, bookmarks can be exported as an HTML file and then imported directly into the new browser. Unfortunately, the direct import bookmark files in Microsoft Edge is currently not possible.

Who wants to import as Firefox bookmarks into Edge, has two different ways.

Users should export the first thing your bookmarks as an HTML file. Depending on the scope of the favorites collection, the following procedures offer:

  • Long collections should be imported first in the Chrome browser or Explorer. After that, the import Edge is based on the scheme described above.

  • With manageable bookmark lists, it is advisable to open the HTML file directly in the new Microsoft browser and distribute the links manually on each fitting Favorites folder.

Favorites management in Microsoft Edge

The new Microsoft browser offers a novel favorites management that brings order to the bookmarks. Besides the familiar folder structure for links there is the possibility to store favorites in a reading list.

News sites, blogs or articles can be noted separately here. The presentation also takes images from the bookmarked pages, ensuring a simplified navigation.

Microsoft Edge Import Bookmarks Reading List(Screenshot: Microsoft Corporation / Editorial)