With the Deezer App have access to some 35 million song titles users. The international streaming service is now used by at least 26 million users in 182 countries. By the way, all customers were redirected to Deezer on the setting of Simfy. In addition to the largest competitor Spotify Deezer is capable of playing the only application to music on smart TVs. With a bit rate of 320kb / s of music providers streams high in the upper class.

Deezer App

The Deezer app scores with Flow

The streaming service comes in a discreet design, the very large database - according to the supplier currently the largest - can here as good as any music to be desired. The registering and creating a user account can be done via Facebook, Google+ or email address. As with all music-streaming services there after starting the app several ways to get to Songs: Classic using the search function; on the proposal system that recommends according to the included music similar artists, or "flow". Clicking the Flow button to start tailored to the user playlist. Here users will hear a mix of songs that they have already heard about the Deezer app, and new artists and bands that correspond to the previous listening habits. Thus new favorites to be discovered without that you must click through thousands playlists. If a song does not own taste, you can just skip it. In addition, can be an unlimited number of playlists to create. In addition to the usual information about artists, bands and albums the Deezer app also offers the function to display lyrics parallel to the currently playing song.

Deezer vs. Spotify

With 35 million songs Deezer is currently the streaming service with the widest range. With this and an extensive advertising campaign tried the provider's current leader Spotify to make the leadership dispute. Price and features are similar in both apps. Non-payers can listen to both radio stations and via the flow mode songs after Deezer download - and skip up to five tracks per hour. Spotify offers in the free version, in turn, random playback of albums and playlists. In the premium version the usage range is almost identical. Ultimately, the personal music taste decides. For those who prefer current charts, with the Deezer app better off than with Spotify. The top dog in return scores with an extensive selection in the independent sector and for audiobooks.

Deezer laptop

Advantages of the premium version

After Deezer Download the app is basically free of charge. However, the choice of music in the free version is limited and the enjoyment is disturbed by annoying commercials. The audio quality of 320kb / s is also available only to premium customers, as well as the ability to download tracks and to listen to while offline. In addition, you can can submit a paid subscription by the editors music personalized. After installing the app and register there is the offer to test Deezer Premium for 15 days free of charge and without a contract.