block unknown calls go and annoying advertising calls or even expensive cost traps out of the way? We reveal how to block unwanted calls on Android or the iPhone!

Especially for Android, there are now a number of tools to help call management can be conveniently managed. Our two favorites are the download of the app and Should I accept the calls Blacklist app. Both can be downloaded for free and in addition to the suppression of unknown numbers a number of other features such as alerts on advertising calls or forwarding abroad. While both applications are extremely economical in terms of the needed space or battery power.block unknown callsThis app is unknown calls can be blocked. (Picture:

block unknown calls: Find it on Android

Depending on the version of the operating system, it may be that only certain numbers can be block (in this case just pick one of the above mentioned apps). All modern appliances with a reasonably current version of Android can, however, in principle, block unknown calls. For this, open first the phone application and here the settings menu. Under the option Restrict calls there is a whole portfolio to filter incoming calls. In addition to the blocking of oppressedNumbers can specifically enter phone numbers will also whose incoming calls are suppressed. Especially convenient is the ability to block calls that begin or end with a specific number or number sequence. If you want to make at a later date the suppression reversed, you can unlock in the same way numbers again.

unknown calls terminate AndroidLocking unknown caller Android Nougtat. (Screenshot: Editorial)

The trick for the iPhone

Who is the proud owner of an Apple product, has to resort to unwanted disturbances in the proverbial bag of tricks. To lock on the iPhone unknown calls, you must first select Do Not Disturb and manually select the function here in the settings. Following will now allow all numbers from the phone book marks under the item calls. Finally, the mute function only needs to be set to always and already land all unknown calls to the mailbox.

However, this approach has the disadvantage that it is actually available to only contacts whose number you have stored. You also have to think about when creating a new contact from adding this to the call-allow list. So a somewhat cumbersome procedure. Another way to make ignore unknown numbers, but there is not currently for the iPhone. But also for iOS, there is a helpful tool: The app iBlacklist is, however, subject to a charge, which is why we do not offer on for download. To acquire the application for just five euros through iTunes.

unknown calls lock iOSThe app iBlacklist costs around five euros and enables blocking of unknown calls on your iPhone. (Picture: HCC Studio)