Clickster searches the internet for freely available audio files. The freeware investigators browsing in the global data network for the desired songs and store them on the hard drive. he banishes MySpace music as well on the computer. Even beginners find their way immediately to the simply designed user interface. After entering artist and title Clickster displays the sites included information about file name and size. The integrated player plays the songs from now. It can be freely adjusted in height and width. By pressing a button the MP3 search program generates a playlist. A second field of activity Clickster is in the browsing of MySpace pages. They are like the browser a MySpace URL and Clickster provides the embedded audio files for download - faster and more convenient to get hardly to new music. Who diving stock markets are too uncertain should take a look at Clickster. The smart freeware tool goes in looking for free MP3s and convinces with a sometimes very high download speed.