Who Deleted Me for Firefox

Who Deleted Me for Firefox brings light into darkness and exposes what friends do not even waving goodbye softly on Facebook.For some, there should indeed be a hobby: As many friends to call on Facebook his own. The so-called Generation Upload enjoys sharing selfies and geknipste meals in the large round. As the overview of the friend list lost can ever go. Those who prefer to retain control of his contacts, the further extension for Firefox helps quickly and easily.

The Who Deleted Me for Firefox extension reveals false friends

The add-on is integrated with a few clicks in the browser. Once users have logged in to Facebook, the tool reflects the current friend list and compares it with later versions. Correct: Only from the point at which you Who Deleted Me integrated Firefox browser, you can keep track of who has turned away from one and turned their backs. What friends you have until that time lost on the road, can not be reconstructed.

Who Deleted Me for Firefox

Fast access and clear presentation

The add-on will appear in plain clothes and easy access. Optionally, users can access the tool via the icon on the browser or via Facebook, where the icon has incorporated Friends conveniently next to the option call.

Who Deleted Me for Firefox Facebook

By clicking on the icon, another window opens and you get to the overview of the people to whom the personal photos of cappuccinos or Bioburgers are inexplicably matter. Thereby marking a traffic light system which friends but are still willing to own food to share at least visually with green. Friends while in a coma - says: inactive - are to appear in yellow, and the rest in red, the signal color already points to what many do not want to admit: It was removed from the friend list..

Who Deleted Me for Firefox Friends

From Facebook to the browser extension

If all familiar occurs, so that is not so wrong. The Who Deleted Me Firefox add-on was originally an extension that worked directly within Facebook's. Since this did not meet the guidelines of the social media giants due to the amended terms, a browser extension was summarily asked to offer. Unfortunately, the add-on is currently available only in English. By the above described traffic light system and the clear arrangement but also users find their way to whose English is not fluent.