CPUBoss provides PC enthusiasts a bulging database on computer processors. With the free Web App to allow CPUs on criteria such as price, performance, efficiency, gaming capabilities and instruction set extensions. In the database of CPUBoss be found virtually all processors from Intel and AMD Divisional desktop, mobile and server with technical specifications. CPUs used on tablets like Qualcomm Snapdragon and Nvidia Tegra are listed in the database. CPUBoss compares CPUs specified by the user according to criteria such as instruction set extensions, overclocking, power consumption or after cutting of the CPUs in benchmarks such SysMark, Cinebench or 3DMark 11 Basic Editon. In addition CPUBoss provides links to manufacturer sites and its own performance assessments in English. With CPUBoss provide users before purchasing a new PC or tablet performance comparisons between CPUs. As a counselor in matters CPUs the rich database of technical specifications and practical comparison functions makes a good figure.