RIFT takes to be a worthy opponent against the established more than World of Warcraft. The online role-playing game attracts with chic, modern graphics, exciting quests and a skill system, which enjoys great popularity in the gaming community. "We are no longer in Azeroth" is the slogan of the full-bodied RIFT Trion manufacturers, which can be understood as a clear challenge to WoW. Basically it can be said that Rift is very similar to Blizzard WoW model probably. Here also create your own character player, solve puzzles and perform tasks ally with other players and knocking opponents to the cap. Wurd for RIFT formerly a monthly mite fall due, the game is now released as a free-to-play. As usual, the Bonanza as such is therefore free, but you have to live with restrictions or items to buy for cash euros. If you listen to the already active player, then RIFT can be really seen and is very well received, especially in WoW critics. The graphics in RIFT is new, somewhat fresher than the competition. The community is responsive, friendly and not subject to (yet) the inertia. But above all, in terms of character design RIFT is not as closely knit as the California model. For example, characters are possible thanks to the so-called soul match as healing tank, rogue warrior etc. So the MMORPG RIFT is in terms of class system certainly more than just a close look.