Gymondo announce: Beware of the notice periods

Gymondo announce: Beware of the notice periods

Who quit his training, wants to switch to another service or the gym, can terminate GymondoWhat you should consider this and how to do it – just here more!

Online fitness classes and trainers currently springing up like mushrooms. One of the best known provider is Gymondo. The training can be carried out via the online platform as well as downloading the app Gymondo location and time unbound. Like the other coaches also Gymondo promises fun, great success in training and a never-ending motivation. Did not work?

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Just the year many users log in at the gym or on-line training platforms such Gymondo. So good intentions as are “healthier living”, “exercise more” or “lose weight” quickly focus – but not always easy to implement. Often the targets are too ambitious or not to everyday life can be integrated or the type of training does not fit into one. Especially with online services such as Gymondo self-motivation must be extremely high, also the direct contact with other trainees missing. Before you realize that perhaps there is not right, the subscription is however already completed. In this case it is better to terminate Gymondo for months to be paid as an unused training.

Gymondo announce targetsNotice if you set out at the big goals or not feel good

note notice periods for Gymondo

The user can book various subscription packages at Gymondo. Depending on for which one decides the notice varied. There are three subscription models:

  • 3 months for 32,99 €
  • 6 months for 54.99 €
  • 12 months for EUR 74.99

As with most competitors also, there is a testing phase even at Gymondo. This is, however, only 7 days. Who noted within this period that the training does not suit him, may exercise its right to cancel and withdraw from the subscription. it announces so within the first 7 days, no costs will the user.

NOTE: Regardless of the training package the subscriptions extend their term automatically. Those who do not wish should terminate Gymondo. The following deadlines must be met:

  • 3-month subscription: Notice must be given 7 days before contract end
  • 6-month subscription: 14 days’ notice
  • 12-month subscription: notice period of 28 days must be respected.

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For terminating the user several options are available. At the most straightforward one can cancel his subscription on the Web site of Gymondo.

Gymondo cancel LoginOnline Gymondo announce via the login

  • (1) For this one logs on first and click on the Account area in the upper right corner.
  • (2) Then navigate your way through adjustments to the point my subscription.
  • (3) Now you can with your Change here Aboeinstellungen option ** * now terminate run. Finished.

Alternatively, the termination may also be in writing and sent by mail to the following address: Gymondo GmbH, Schwedt Str 263, 10119 Berlin..

TIP: You can also pause the subscription in certain circumstances. For this, one should contact support to discuss the case.