Slendermans Shadow – Mansion

Slendermans Shadow - Mansion provides a new version of the free horror shocker Slender. In the freeware of deadly Slenderman is on the loose in a gloomy mansion and lurks there for brave players. Slendermans Shadow - Mansion based on the freely developed Slender. Unlike the original, you can in Slendermans Shadow - not run fast before the villain of them Mansion, slowly slip away. As usual, apply it as long as possible to survive. Because once caught in the clutches of the Slenderman, there is no escape. In addition, you have called certain objects, mementos, collect. These items are scattered throughout the property. armed only with a flashlight, the player wanders through the aisles. If the Slenderman nearby, heard a fearsome warning melody. Who looks too long in the face of the virtual villain with long arms, and die the Pixeltod. The free Slendermans Shadow - Mansion is the logical continuation of the game idea Slender. Creepiness and thrill-share are high, which drives the adrenaline front of the monitor properly in the air. Because of the dense playful atmosphere and gloomy history, the freeware is however not for the weak of heart or kids.