Microsoft Word 2013

Of the Microsoft Word Download defines the standard of electronic text processing for many years. In the version Word 2013, the word processor has adapted to the Modern UI of Windows 8 user interface with built-in interfaces to cloud services such as SharePoint and SkyDrive. These are a one-month free trial.

Microsoft Word Download with improved navigation

Editing and annotating documents is easier and also available with the Microsoft Word download the one to the other without the use of third-party software online. Moreover, navigation and search functions have been revised to better overview of long documents and optimizes the PDF integration. Many new features that has been added, among other things, to include the integrated screenshot tool and the ability to record video from YouTube or from other sources.

Microsoft Word DownloadMicrosoft Word download, the standard in word processing (Image: Microsoft / Editorial)

More safety by Protected View

Protected View will open downloaded from the Web documents in a mode where they can not cause any damage on the PC. Improved gesture control facilitates the use of word processing on touch-screen devices such as tablet PCs.

Microsoft Word Download TouchscreenWord 2013 can be well on touch-screen devices such as tablet PCs used. (Image: Microsoft / Editorial)

Easy insertion of diagrams

Inserting charts in texts with Word Download Microsoft has been made easier, as well as the installation of sizeable effects with a few clicks: shadows, lighting effects and reflections are now applied as quickly as previously bold and underlining.

MS Word offers text effects and tools for image editing

Text effects can also be integrated into paragraph styles and are available as two clicks. Completing the list of graphical specialties through new tools for image editing, the score with goodies such as hue and saturation correction. With so many additional features Microsoft Words actual strengths occur almost a little into the background: Word Processing with layoutgetreuem PDF export, hyphenation, spell check and synonyms done the deluxe writing program as easy as creating form letters and organizing many documents.

Microsoft Word Download ToolsSeveral new tools for image editing are available. (Image: Microsoft / Editorial)

Sophisticated rights management

A sophisticated rights management and easy sharing of documents via SkyDrive, SharePoint, Facebook & Co. complete the Microsoft Word download. Each time the user defines on request, what types may not make changes other people on a document. Useful is also the opportunity to review documents on problems and errors.

Microsoft Word download rights managementClever rights management and simple sharing of documents (Photo: Microsoft / Editorial)

Available only in the office suite and with registration

the word processor can not as a standalone solution, but in the office suite, located in the download area to test unfortunately. First, a free application via Windows Live ID and you will receive a license key for installation. Previously, the user selects the operating system (32- or 64-bit) and German from program language. Loading a roughly 10 megabytes large installer that recharges the remaining files. If you want to find faster way in the revised user interface for the quick start manuals offer to Microsoft Office, which we also offer for download.

Limitations of Microsoft Word 2013

The trial version of Microsoft Word 2013 is included in the 60-day trial package of Microsoft Office, 2013. Free registration required by Windows Live ID. For Microsoft Word 2010 no trial version is available.