Criminal Case

Criminal Case

In the free Criminal Case app User slip into the role of an investigator of the Criminal Police, who can hardly save sheer corpses and exciting cases. As known from film and television, crime scenes are inspected, examined evidence and interrogated suspects to expose the perpetrators at best.

Criminal Case app searches enabled homicide detective

solve mysterious murder cases, arresting bad guys and yet so cool and casual look like CSI investigators or crime scene commissioners? No problem – the games app from the home Pretty Simple makes it possible. Users are in the app part of the police Grimsborough and are there for their investigation of murder cases. Of which there are more than enough for the rest. The small town teeming with criminals, all of which should be indented. Based on the overview map that represents all the neighborhoods, you can see how many cases await the player.

Criminal Case appIn the Criminal Case app to murder investigators

The user can start his investigations on Facebook or mobile on iOS and Android devices. To The latter is at the offered download. The game is free, but provides in-app purchases for certain in-game items available.

Criminal investigations in Case Android

If you have clicked on his first case in the overview map’s’re off. The user starts his education course at the scene. This must be taken inched under the microscope. This sounds easier than it is at the end, because the crime scenes are represented by hidden objects. The player must find there a certain number of objects and the best as soon as possible. Depending nimble you are, the more points you get. Point deduction’s wrong with clicks. The gamer should try to get at least one star each scene in the Criminal Case app.

Criminal Case app sceneCrime scenes are hidden objects in which evidence must be found

analyze evidence in investigators game

The objects found must now be properly classified and interpreted. Here, further research can help. The player can examine objects in the lab or consult first suspect. For both actions, which are usually designed as a mini-game, players must earn stars.

If the player has completed his arguments and compared the information with the suspect, the offender can be arrested.

Energy and experience points for investigations

Although it often looks at CSI as would be the investigators around the clock on a manhunt, the Criminal Case investigators need to rest sometimes. When and how long is the battery meter.

In each case dissolved, and inspection of hidden objects the player can collect experience points and coins. These can be used for items such as bulletproof vests or coolness Accessories