My Free Mahjong

My Free Mahjong

The My Free Mahjong Download brings the popular classic puzzle game from China on the home computer. Mahjong combines smart way Knobel- and strategy elements to a free and interesting mix with attractive 3D graphics.

The My Free Mahjong Download provides a challenging Tüftelei

The German-speaking area of ​​My Free Mahjong is the playing field with the 144 bricks of a variable isometric 3D view. The Playing field can be rotated for a better view at will. The gameplay is simple: The stacked in different geometric shapes bricks to take the player pairs from the table. In this case, a stone can be removed only if it is covered by any other stone partially or completely, and on at least one longitudinal side is exposed.

My Free Mahjong Download

My Free Mahjong offers numerous setting options

For a long-lasting Knobelei ensures the built-in games Generator. By pressing a button the freeware always creates new roles. The player can the Tüftelspaß after My Free Mahjong Download and customize the installation quite flexible to your own wishes. So he chooses, for example, the background color or chooses its own motif. Four Far Eastern motifs are already in the Background Images folder. The tiles of the traditional Chinese tile set defaults. However, the Mahjongg boffins can make a another set of images with Egyptian motifs use. To this end, he simply clicks on reputation and selects it.

My Free Mahjong Download brick

More than 60 different variants build the brick

Similarly, the approach to building bricks. As an alternative to the traditional Stacks of around 60 further variants are available. These range from "3D Pyramid" and "arena" up to "wavelets" and "Yummi", Those who like to think undisturbed and in complete silence about his features, turned off music and sounds. but you can also select a different background melody for tinkering.

Helpful tips for beginners are available

Several additional settings are available in Options. For example, the Mahjongg player determines here whether the as little help show right mouse button the appropriate stones and whether to tips for beginners will be presented. There is also the possibility that the games automatically saved and that only detachable mahjong puzzles are created. blocked stones also be hidden if desired.

My Free Mahjong Download Puzzles

Tüftelspaß in high-resolution version

In the illustrations of the tiles there three variants in a simple, medium and high-resolution version. Also in the stone textures and background when the player has a choice regarding the quality of graphic resolution. He can also choose smooth tiles and textures used on the sides. Classic game with lots of extras My Free Mahjong adheres closely to the original rules of the traditional board game from China. The classic concentration game contains a Game background music and numerous game designs. The attractive 3D graphics and nice touches round the free oriental puzzle game classics from positive.