3D Ebook Cover

3D Ebook Cover designed three-dimensional so-called pack shots for use on the Internet or for high-quality printing. The shareware calculated on the basis of 2D images photorealistic views in the form of packaging, books or brochures. is much easier to work with 3D Ebook Cover by a variety of included templates. Here the user can also find cardboard boxes for software and various print products such as magazines next to CD or DVD cases. Settings for lighting and mirror effects provide the necessary realism of the graphics generated. A live preview shows at any time the impact of current operations. Pre-designed Product Photos stores 3D Ebook Cover from after rendering either as JPG, BMP, PNG, TGA or DDS file. The download area is also a beta version can be found, incidentally, with views of upcoming features.

Limitations of 3D Ebook Cover

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