Android: Do not disturb mode enable

Android: Do not disturb mode enable

Every now and then there are these situations where just peace is necessary. especially – – even the phone is not ringing or only in exceptional circumstances and if and should. Android devices have been 5.0 Lollipop an integrated Do not disturb mode, which can be configured in numerous ways and is very easy to use – but is somewhat hidden.

Do not disturb mode can be configured

It is sometimes not so easy to find, yet bring Android devices from version 5.0 it by default: the Do Not Disturb feature is not the same everywhere and can not be found on all smartphones in the same place. But they are there – and it can be adjusted to your taste, so that for example only certain calls are allowed to pass messages on WhatsApp for Android but again blocked.

Do not disturb modeIf the phone is to stay calm once the worth Please do not disturb mode. (Picture:

be disturbed by anyone – except Mutti?

The Do Not Disturb mode offers some advantages over the simple silent mode. Thus notifications are completely blocked as long as the mode is enabled. Nevertheless, contacts can be selected where this mode is ignored. So who needs rest, but do not want to ignore the important call from Mom, can adjust this desire that. Once mamma calls or writes to make the smartphone noticeable. Not all other contacts, however.

The mode has several levels and opportunities:

  • Peace at all levels: Here the mobile phone remains completely silent even alarms are set off or mute.
  • activate alarms: calls and notifications does not come through, set alarms still ring. The night is quite handy if you nevertheless want to use as an alarm clock his cell phone.
  • Important notifications: In addition to alarms, as well as “important” selected people and memories smartphone remains silent.

These exceptions can be incidentally also alerts certain apps to add. There is to allow calls made for the second time within 15 minutes the setting.

Do not disturb mode settingsThe settings are very configurable. (Picture: Editorial / Screenshot)

The do not disturb mode enable: how it works

The Do Not Disturb feature can be edited from the Settings menu or the Quick Settings:

  1. The settings Open and scroll to sounds and notifications. There further down Do not bother tap. Optionally, can access this menu via the quick settings by dragging the screen from top to bottom and in the groin Do not disturb tapping. For the settings but then you have to again tap the Notifications panel.
  2. In the menu is now different settings can be changed. So the alarms are allowed by default and must be disabled if they are not ringing.
  3. In the custom settings calls and messages of certain important persons can be admitted.
  4. Also reminders and notifications of apps can be set.
  5. Especially practical is the automatic activation at certain times. About the scheduling can thus adjust timings at which the mode is to be switched on – and when it should be terminated.
  6. To disable the mode, just the green check mark next to activate now tap – or in the Quick Settings icon at Do not disturb Tap mode again, so that it will no longer appear green but gray background again.

If you have configured the mode once, it is enough to activate it if necessary via the quick settings. If you want to adjust the settings again, the settings must be called again.